GGC is staffed specifically for the demanding writing and communications requirements to serve the electronics/engineering community. While other agencies talk about converting complex topics to layman’s terms, we take the opposite approach. With engineering writers on staff, we’re able to write accurate copy that enables engineer-to-engineer communications.
electronics/engineering community
GGC is experienced in working closely with B2B marketing management and corporate leaders to craft proper positioning statements that work in technology marketing. It’s not about being first. It’s not about specmanship. And it’s not about what Engineering says they’ve created. It’s about relevance in the marketplace, and we have more than two decades experience in crafting messages that keep the company’s marketing focused where it belongs—on the customer.
Goldstein Group specializes in the unique and particular needs of growing manufacturing companies. Unlike other firms that bring a one-approach-fits-all to their thinking, who think that marketing a consumer product is the same as what you produce, we bring 30 years of background in marketing industrial and highly engineered products. We know what works. And, most important, we know what doesn’t.


Healthcare marketing occupies a different world than traditional marketing. Communicating to doctors and healthcare executives is among the most demanding assignments any marketer can draw. GGC understands the different business models, time restrictions and marketing channels used in healthcare that apply only to that sector of the economy. Programs must be on point. Writing must be crisp. And the communications technology used to reach your customers must be as cutting edge as healthcare technology itself.
GGC understands the basic challenge in software marketing: that the value proposition for software is different than a manufactured good. The business case for a software purchase is justified with different language, and the role of testimonials assumes a priority far greater than in other product categories.
From staffing to education, from accounting to law, GGC has worked closely to build brands throughout the services industry for more than 20 years. What leads a potential client to hire a law firm? What’s the role of branding in accounting or insurance marketing? We’ve crafted communications programs that extend from overall image-building to publicity to lead generation for nearly every corner of the services industry.
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