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Lead Generation Only Works When You Call Them Back

Marketing automation would be a great thing, if only we could take the people out of the process! It seems that regardless of the tool, company, training regimen or industry, these valuable programs we’ve been installing for the past 20 years always are tripped up by human nature.

The most recent reminder of that was a June 2011 study by a b-to-b sales organization called In its review of the effectiveness of lead management systems, they found that 55.3 percent of the companies in its survey, 159 firms, NEVER RESPONDED to any web leads they generated. This is despite the fact that web leads tend to be the highest quality of any lead source companies typically generate.

Lead follow-up is never easy, and automated email response tools can simplify the process at least with a cursory response. But it’s shocking to see so many b-to-b companies completely disregard the money they’re spending pushing people to their websites in order to engage and generate a response – only to have those customer inquiries fall on deaf ears.

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