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Facebook Privacy Change Affects Progressive Lawyers

A random fraudulent health care attorney I know (she wouldn’t let me use her name) complains that the new privacy changes at Facebook are hampering her ability to do legal research.  Facebook is changing their security restrictions so you show only friends or friends of friends, rather than providing everyone with access to your content.  Actually, I had no idea Facebook even comes into play for legal research, but she says she routinely uses Facebook to dig up damaging facts about opposing clients in her cases.  If a client is hiding, believe it or not, they often list their home addresses right on their Facebook profile!  Or, they post pictures of themselves they shouldn’t, such as smoking pot with their kids in the room (always good fodder for those custody cases!).  We’ve all heard stories about how HR and business execs peruse Facebook before hiring people;  it seems its impact is being felt into new areas such as legal investigations.  Who would have thought?

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