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Creating and maintaining a great brand in the 21st Century demands equal parts marketing creativity and marketing technology. Sure, you might create the most dazzling advertising, PR, and collateral materials ever deployed in your market. But those brilliant ideas likely won't motivate your target customers to buy if they're delivered in the same ways as in the past. Captivating today's buyers demands mastering the use of the latest Web technologies, blogging, e-mail marketing, SEO, social media, and many other powerful electronic communication tools.

At Goldstein Group Communications, we're ardent believers in the power of great ideas when they're linked with great execution and accountability. Our "Sensibly Ingenious" philosophy helps us deliver leads from motivated buyers to the sales force, profits to the bottom line, and sustainable growth to the organization as a whole.

Want to learn more about the latest marketing technologies? Read Our Tutorials and White Papers in Our Marketing Library.

Going Beyond "Where Does It Hurt?"

At too many agencies, the focus is on fixing the client's immediate problem - the new competitor who's swallowing market share, the last-minute campaign for a new product, the all-hands-to-the-pumps scramble to put out a public relations "fire." But an agency that focuses only on today's problems is neglecting their clients' futures, missing invaluable chances to help them grow, innovate, and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

At GGC, in addition to helping you manage today's communications challenges, we're always thinking about tomorrow's, asking our clients questions like these:

  • What's going on at your organization lately? What new products or services are on your horizon?
  • What are your goals for the next year or so?
  • Which portions of your business offer the greatest potential in the next two years? The next five?
  • What activities are your competitors engaged in that you wish you could emulate?
  • What would you need to equal or exceed their accomplishments?

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See Our Great Work:

RIS Logic
We created an identity and full marcom materials support for this healthcare IT company that built a strong brand position eventually leading to a profitable sale to a much larger competitor.
  Franklin & Seidelmann
The agency created an award-winning package of marketing communications materials, from high impact trade show designs to web and online presence to innovative dimensional direct mail programs.
  More Than Gourmet
GGC built a multi-level communications platform for this food products company that needed distinct identities to sell to home consumers, foodservice restaurants and industrial food processors.
After a series of executive and customer interviews, GGC uncovered new market drivers and customer experiences that led to a 180 degree change in positioning for this physician software system.
Goldstein Group has written the award-winning Keithley annual since the mid 1990s.
GGC was hired to create the strong branding and positioning contained in the Merge radiology annual report after the Merge acquired one of Goldstein Group's clients—and liked what they saw from our capabilities!
FLIR Handbook
GGC wrote the text for this award-winning handbook on infrared cameras; every chapter was repurposed as an article in a key trade publication as well, and the handbook was used as a lead generation offer in company banners, emails and ads.
GGC created a multi-dimensional campaign that extended from web to print to PR and even to targeted faxes in order to introduce a new encoder technology to customers. The campaign won a "Cleveland Rocks" PRSA award in the Best Integrated Marketing Communications campaign category.
Radisphere—fully functional teleradiology site with dedicated password protected areas for radiologist employees and customers, designed to brand the company and generate leads. Visit
Morgenthaler—Strong design considerations led to this re-branded web launch to promote the company's expertise as one of the nation's premier VC/private equity firms. Visit
Dynamotors—innovative technology company with a niche product looking to stand out in a market dominated by industry giants. Visit
Avtron Aerospace—a fresh approach to high impact graphics to position the company more forcefully as its market leader in aerospace test equipment. Visit

Adding proper programming to this existing site showed a dramatic overnight improvement in searchable rankings

GGC created special links and internal pages to ensure the site came up in the top 5 positions in the highly competitive "teleradiology" search term

A new site launch was coupled with proper SEO programming from the very beginning with tremendous results.

google adwordsyahoo ambassador

A rigorous process of A/B testing of ad copy doubled the click through rates for this food equipment manufacturer

LJ Star
Click through rates immediate jumped when GGC changed the titles of this company's paid search ads away from company-specific names to more relevant search terms

Bud Industries
GGC lowered the cost/click for this paid search program by 25% in a time of rapidly increasing ad costs by focusing ad buys on North America and avoiding duplication with organic search programs.

Analysis of Google Analytics reports proved to this client they did not need to invest valuable marketing dollars in paid search programs.

Goal conversion reports measured the web site's ability to convert visitors into actual conversions, along with which search terms showed the greatest ability to deliver quality traffic that produced higher conversion rates.

A balanced b-to-b program for Keithley Instruments builds its brand and drives traffic to its web site. Visit Keithley's Facebook page.
We "publish" technical topics to high-traffic Wikipedia pages for B-to-B clients just as we publish to important trade magazines. Visit LXI's Wikipedia entry.
Creating video content not only drives traffic to client sites but creates important visibility in YouTube. Visit Abanaki's YouTube channel.
Keithley—GGC managed ongoing series of global lead-generation webcasts, including a detailed timeline of activities that called for promotion, logistics, practice sessions and post-event surveys.
LXI—GGC gained double-leverage from a presentation made at an industry trade show by taping the presentation for re-use as a webcast, co-sponsored with a leading trade journal in the industry.
 GGC manages nearly 2 million emails annually for its clients, including this monthly enewsletter for Keithley Instruments.
GGC coordinates the production and metrics analysis for this internal Agilysys newsletter.
Press tours have long been a staple of b-to-b PR campaigns, including this automotive aftermarket campaign that reached 35 editors in just four days, generating 39 pages of in-depth coverage.
  Tutorial handbooks have served as the agency's "home-run" for PR campaigns and lead generation. Nothing has worked more to burnish a brand and product strong response, including this award-winning book on infrared camera technology.
Even a small company can create its own television studio, as Abanaki has done with a dozen videos on YouTube that add exposure to hundreds of newer viewers every month. Visit Abanaki's YouTube channel.
Adding video to your web site creates that "stickiness" all companies seek, including this Dynamotors video on the company's new web site. Visit Dynamotors home page.
Engineers love animation, particularly for complicated processes. Visit LJ Star's animation.
If you send someone a box, they just HAVE to open it to see what's inside. Goldstein Group used the human nature behind curiosity to drive a tremendous response to a "micro-campaign" mailing program for Weatherchem.
Engaging mailings, particularly for a technical audience, work well for selling high-value services, such as this mailing for Franklin & Seidelmann's teleradiology offering to imaging centers.
Using Marketing Analytics to Unlock ROI


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