CLEVELAND – August 8, 2017 – Goldstein Group Communications, a b-to-b branding and lead generation agency, has earned Platinum Level status as a HubSpot Value Added Reseller (VAR). HubSpot, a marketing automation software company, has more than 3000 VARs, but only 100 VARs worldwide have reached the Platinum tier status to date.

The status is based on the number of agency clients using HubSpot, as well as Goldstein Group carrying the necessary certifications as an approved value added reseller.

“Our agency has always been passionate about tying our work to results and ROI,” Goldstein said. “HubSpot has proven to be a powerful analytics platform for providing immediate insight into what works and what doesn’t, so clients can see where they should allocate their marketing budgets for the most impact.”

Marketing automation software has helped business-to-business companies understand how prospects enter the sales pipeline, and which of those prospects are most likely to turn into customers.

“It’s no surprise GGC is one of our platinum agencies, an honor awarded to a select few,” noted Jill Fratianne, HubSpot Partner Channel Manager. “The Goldstein Group team works hard day in and day out to deliver the best services for their clients and continue to be thought leaders in the marketing b-to-b industry. When Goldstein Group is on the job, we know everyone is going to win.”

GGC, celebrating its 25th anniversary, focuses on building lead generation and digital marketing programs with particular expertise in programs that market to engineers and the technical buyer. With teams of digital marketing and technology writing specialists, the agency is an expert in building campaigns that communicate at an engineer-to-engineer level.

“The best part of marketing today is that it’s all measurable. In short, we can drive ROI because now we can ‘Predict it. Control it. And Improve it.’ Because so much of marketing is conducted online today, we can see what works in an instant. The analytics reveal what to repeat and what to drop, with none of the guesswork of the past for how to allocate marketing budgets for true impact,” Goldstein noted.

Goldstein Group Communications (GGC) creates high impact branding and lead generation programs for b-to-b companies that are seeking more powerful ways to find and keep customers. GGC was founded in 1992 as a public relations agency; today, it represents both entrepreneurial and billion-dollar multi-national firms around the country, with 60 percent of revenues coming from clients outside Ohio. GGC combines both left-brain analytics with right-brain creativity to provide a powerful marketing approach that leads to “Measurably Better Marketing.”

Mark Johnson
Vice President

About Goldstein Group Communications

Goldstein Group Communications, a technology b-to-b agency, brings an unusual combination of corporate communications management and engineer-level writing capability to its national client roster. With deep experience in electronics and industrial markets, the agency is able to draw on its skills to articulate with impact and clarity the technical advantages its clients bring to their customers. Unlike other agencies, staff members for the most part have built their careers on the corporate side of the desk, rather than as agency executives, a perspective that results in a higher level of accountability and measurability in the agency’s programs.

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