Helping Clients Find and Keep Customers.

Joel Goldstein started the agency at the end of 1992, when he had the great timing to launch his business right at the start of what became the longest economic expansion in the last 60 years.

A combination of this fortunate timing, talented staff, and tremendous clients helped the agency post an impressive record of growth. As it expanded, GGC evolved from a public relations agency to become a full service agency offering the entire spectrum of marketing support from web to print: research, branding, lead generation, PR, email/direct mail, web development and traditional programs of advertising and literature. Today the agency brings an unusual combination of corporate communications management and engineer-level writing capability to its national client roster. With deep experience in electronics and industrial markets, the agency is able to draw on its skills to articulate with impact and clarity the technical advantages its clients bring to their customers.

So, how are we different?

What does GGC bring to the table that you’re not going to find from any other agency? We have a good answer for that:


Unlike other agencies, staff members for the most part have built their careers on the corporate side of the desk, rather than as agency executives, a perspective that results in a higher level of accountability and measurability in the agency's programs. We know how to listen to what you say. And what you don't say. Read more about our people.


Our technical communications expertise is unique, from semiconductors to software, from medical to manufacturing. Writing for engineers and other technical audiences with credibility is a difficult skill, one we have applied successfully to dozens of industries.


Our agency is one of the largest online marketing firms in Ohio, and we were a pioneer in building direct email marketing programs for business-to-business applications. Our online practice extends far beyond the typical brochure-ware web development to include search engine optimization, online advertising, email communications, flash demos and interactive CDs, and back-end database/web programming IT tools (password-protected sites, quoting systems, ecommerce, etc.) and now social media.


The communications programs we offer are supported by years of documented, proven results. We know what works, and we know how to make it work.


Sure, we produce creative that connects with customers. But we never forget the ultimate benchmark of truly outstanding creative: our work is designed to win business for our clients, not awards for the artist. See samples.


Our professionals are experts in media relations and producing positive PR coverage for their clients. Our PR business is far larger than in most traditional agencies, representing 50% of the practice.


The true value of an agency is its consistent ability to deliver results beyond what is merely "expected."

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