Our Results


Marketing is based on analytics, not anecdotes.

The time for decisions based on gut feel or blind adherence to what used to work has long since passed. GGC has a passion for data, for numbers and for measurement that forms a strong foundation of accountability and results to all of our programs.
It’s no longer enough to generate traffic to the site; we must generate the RIGHT traffic. It’s no longer enough to generate clicks or impressions; we must generate CONVERSIONS that lead to a quote or other sales opportunity. At GGC, we build programs that increasingly go beyond leads, using technology tools such as Google Analytics, data mapping, customer list analytics and profiling and dedicated web URLs and landing pages in order to identify what works best, and what to change.

Measurement and data provide us with a roadmap for ongoing improvement and impact. It used to be said, “I know half my marketing is wasted; I just don’t know which half.” Now we know.

A Few Words from Our Clients

“The biggest factor driving the success of the Speed2Design campaign is GGC’s ability to deliver results-driven marketing initiatives. The team worked with us to identify our key performance indicators, developed a plan to achieve our goals and reported the results in a clear, simple manner. This approach helped our company see the direct correlation between our marketing investment and the campaign results—namely a dramatic increase in leads.” - Rhonda Stratton, Global Marketing Communications Manager, Littelfuse
“…one of the best ‘practical/tactical’ marketers I have ever worked with…displays great integrity and has an ability to work across all levels within an organization.” - Christine Stadler, President, BDS
“When we acquired another company, Joel and his group were instrumental in developing and implementing our program for announcing the deal and making sure we got as much good publicity as possible.” - Chris Courtney, President, C. W. Courtney
“I have worked with Goldstein Group over the last 10 years while at three different companies. They have been instrumental in helping me build the brands of early stage/start up companies with small budgets into industry leaders.” - Christine Boehm Hawkins, VP of Marketing, Franklin & Seidelmann
“Joel’s company consistently lets us know how we are doing from their perspective. In a rapidly evolving media environment, this helps us keep our print and online platforms relevant for today and tomorrow.” - Todd Christenson, Publisher, Hearst Business Media
“Goldstein Group is an excellent B2B advertising agency that works to understand the objective and then identify innovative demand generation opportunities.” - Andrew Kraynak, Director of Marketing, Agilysys
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