BrandBuilder Identity Programs

Do you need a brand? Of course, we think so, for these reasons:

  • If you own the company, you’ll be able to sell it for a higher price if it has a strong brand.
  • Your salespeople will be able to close sales faster, at higher margins, and lose fewer sales to competitors.

Certainly, some believe that building a presence in the market doesn’t matter, that they know all their customers. “All I need to sell is a data sheet and feet on the street,” they’ll say, and to a certain extent, they’re right.

But that’s also the most expensive way to make a sale. Wouldn’t you rather have people calling YOU, than having to depend on your salespeople to generate every opportunity? And if you already know all your potential customers, congratulations, but that doesn’t mean your marketing job is complete; it just means it’s time to shift from building brand awareness to brand preference.

Our BrandBuilder program walks through a detailed process for creating great and memorable brands. Through executive interviews, “voice of the customer” research, and competitive analysis, we work with senior management to identify position, comparative advantages, brand leverage, purchase trigger points, barriers to the sale that
must be overcome.

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