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What do engineers respond to in marketing? How do they find information about new products, and how is that different from the rest of the b-to-b world?

Schedule a 2 hour Lunch ‘N Learn Session with your marketers and GGC to explore what engineers say they look for in marketing, how their research process works, and what content research says works best for the busy engineer.

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Market to Engineers

Marketing is complicated enough today without adding the complexity of creating campaigns for a busy, technical buyer. They need information fast, educational and accurate, without a lot of puff and commercial messaging that makes them tune out.

Goldstein Group has been building programs to reach mechanical engineers, electronic engineers and technical buyers for more than three decades. And with the move toward new digital marketing and content marketing concepts, we’re able to build programs that engineers actually pay attention to.

While other agencies talk about how they take complex topics and make them simple so the layman can understand, we do just the opposite: we take complex topics, and write about them in a way that keeps them complex. Because we’re writing for the engineer who understands what we’re writing, and it’s not complex to him or her.

Marketing to the technical buyer is not easy, but it never was. Contact us today to learn how we’ve built our agency on such a unique skill, and why our clients tend to remain with us three times longer than industry averages!

Engineers love white papers, so what did we do? We wrote a white paper on how to Market to Engineers!

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