Product Launch Plans

Every product has a story, and an audience that cares about hearing
it. GGC has built hundreds of product launch plans for dozens of
industries that call for a simple announcement at a show, to a
multi-faceted integrated campaign that spans from print to web.

We work closely with product marketers and technical developers to
craft messages that are focused, consistent and, most importantly,
COMPARATIVE. Too many launches suffer from materials and programs that
become bland, because they fail to create messaging that is distinct
and aligned with customer concerns. For a launch to be seen as
successful in the market, the marketing communications philosophy must
be built on this premise: “Don’t say what you do; say what you do

Sounds simple, but it takes considerable effort to craft those
messages and build campaigns upon them. Relying on a blend of online
and tradition programs, from print advertising to web/search engines,
these tactics are ideally balanced (not relying just on one “magic
bullet” strategy), consistent, and repetitive in order to generate the
best response.

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