Search Engine Marketing Analysis

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ongoing battle that changes every few months. Yesterday’s technique for ensuring proper “meta tag” coding, while still important, is no longer effective on its own. Page content and page descriptions are the method of the day for ensuring Page 1 search engine placement; tomorrow, certainly, it will be
something new. Today, it’s all about relevance, and developing strategies to convince Google your site is more relevant than competitors’.

Page 1 placement is so crucial. One survey notes that 93% of people go no farther than the first page in their searches, so, if you don’t have a presence on the first page, you don’t have a presence online.

Integrating organic optimization with pay-per-click or paid search programs are becoming increasingly important, as the cost of paid search continues to rise. It’s no longer affordable just to set a budget for paid Google search terms; today, analytics must be applied so you buy only those words that generate quality traffic, not just visits.

Goldstein Group Search Engine Optimization program consists of a nine-step program that uncovers impact search terms, ranks your site’s position for those terms, and optimizes your site so Google and others recognize your site’s relevance.

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