Lead Generation Programs

“I don’t want traffic. I want the RIGHT traffic.”Today, websites are not about flash and flaming logos; they’re about converting traffic into sales opportunities. Effective web strategies are built around navigation, content and offers that reach out and engage your customers and move them to convert into potential revenue.

GGC brings to play a variety of analytics software tools that uncovers the data that will improve your site. Our Impact Audit gets beyond meaningless debates about what color the navigation buttons should be, or whether the logo should appear in the left or right corner. By combining “best practices” with data analysis of your web programs, we’ll uncover the strategies that will lead to success.

Questions what we will answer for you include:

  •  What is your site’s visitor objective, and how well is it being achieved?
  • Do the site’s geographical traffic patterns match how you’ve assigned your sales rep territories?
  • How do you reduce bounce rates, or the number of people who find little value and leave your site?
  • How do you increase “goal conversions?”
  • Which prospects are visiting your site that indicate a quote from last quarter might be getting some fresh interest?
  • What organic or paid search terms are resulting in the most goal conversions, and how do we increase that?
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