Goldstein Group Communications

About Goldstein Group Communications

Rise Beyond.

Every great B2B marketer wants to rise beyond. Beyond last year’s performance KPIs. Beyond what others expect of marketing. Beyond traditional programs that struggle to demonstrate ROI.

At GGC we are a B2B marketing agency that can solve the toughest problem known to B2B marketers:  drawing a straight ROI line from marketing to sales. We do this by improving the sales & marketing funnel in ways that drive down the cost of marketing.  

Our high impact branding and B2B lead generation programs are designed for technical, B2B companies that are seeking more powerful ways to find and keep customers. 

To those marketers seeking to Rise Beyond, join us. These truly are the golden days of B2B marketing, where the technology exists to blend “right brain” creativity with “left brain” analytics to build programs that are powerful – and proven.

Measurably Better Marketing

We believe in outcomes, not activity. For nearly three decades, we’ve built a series of methods, processes and analytics platforms that drive true growth, not just meaningless “vanity metrics:”

  • Technical writing, engineer-to-engineer copy that clients don’t have to re-write 
  • As a full service agency, we use a “hyperspecialist” model that provides deeper expertise than generalist digital marketing agencies provide.  This enables us to go beyond surface-level execution, and can apply new technologies more rapidly.
  • Unlike other agencies, we generate more than just clicks or even leads but real revenue for clients via Amazon, estores or appointment-setting sales programs. 
  • We show “tech love” to all types of marketing technology – we’re certified in Marketo marketing automation, we’re a HubSpot Platinum VAR, we’re a Salesforce Partner, and we carry countless certifications in search and Google Analytics tools. 
  • While the industry average for client retention is 2-3 years, our average is 7+ years. 
  • Our more sophisticated program execution require that we hire ONLY seasoned Marketing Managers to drive our accounts, not project managers or account managers; our Marketing Managers carry greater expertise in knowing what works and what doesn’t. 
  • We have a national B2B client roster and experience in selling through all four sales channels – direct, reps, distributors and ecommerce.