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About Goldstein Group Communications

Marketing to Engineers is not easy, but it never was.

There are few things more frustrating than having to re-write copy from an agency that doesn’t speak “engineer.” Because we specialize in marketing for engineers and technical buyers, we are able to produce engineer-to-engineer level content that other agencies struggle to write. 

While other agencies talk about how they take complex topics and make them simple so the layman can understand, we do just the opposite: 

  • we take complex topics, and write about them in a way that keeps them complex. Because we’re writing for the engineer who understands what we’re writing, and it’s not complex to him or her. 

We’ve developed unique processes, coupled with specific writing talent, that enable us to MINIMIZE the time our clients and engineers are asked to spend on copy. 

Every good agency should follow the “blank sheet” writing method for clients.  Sadly, many agencies ask for a first draft and provide little more than a mere “grammar check or SEO edit.  At GGC, our copy begins with a blank sheet of paper, so the client has to devote as little time as possible to producing a final draft that is technically accurate – and passes the engineer-to-engineer credibility test.