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B2B Marketing is Based on Analytics, Not Anecdotes

There’s an old joke in marketing: “I know half my marketing budget is wasted; I just don’t know which half.” At GGC, it’s no joke that there’s no guessing: we use marketing/CRM technology in ways that finally connect leads to sales in ways that demonstrate to every C-level executive just where Marketing ROI can be found. 


  • $100+ million manufacturer of electronic equipment that shows for every dollar invested in marketing $9 in sales are produced.  The tracking system created to show this is unique, since lead-to-sales tracking was extended out even to third-party distributors. 
  • Contract manufacturer generated $26 million in opportunities from digital marketing in just one year, and closed $22 in sales for every $1 invested. 
  • Improved the website performance of a process industry manufacturer by boosting lead flow 51% in just four months, while cutting cost/lead by 50%. 
  • Created a $20,000 sales campaign that generated $78,000 in immediate sales and another $900,000 in quoted opportunities. 
  • Doubled the number of new customers in Year 1 
  • $22 return for every $1 invested 
  • Appointment setting programs that generated $1 million in first year sales 
  • Lowered cost of lead acquisition to half of industry average 
  • Decreased cost/quote by 42% while generating 11% more quotes