Goldstein Group Communications


Brand Voice – Getting Beneath the Surface to Differentiated Messaging

When building your marketing machine, it’s tempting to focus on the tactical elements. Yet many companies struggle with the fundamental question that drives marketing—how is your brand messaging compelling and differentiated?   

Consider the About Us Page Test: if you replace your company’s name with a competitor’s name, does it still apply? If so, that’s a clear indication that your company is struggling with the “sea of sameness” that affects so many. Getting beyond “me-too” messaging requires a process that identifies a company’s three core messaging platforms:   

  • What are your “only” messages, those Best-in-the-World themes that apply only to you and your products?  
  • What are your “trigger” messages?  What triggers a prospect to buy?  
  • What are your “switch” messages that persuade a prospect to switch from a competitor to you? 

GGC works with clients to define their total Message Architecture, using customer interviews, executive workshops, and market research to build a differentiated platform around their only/trigger/switch themes. This is the starting point for truly successful marketing campaigns.