Goldstein Group Communications



When building the marketing machine, it’s easy – and tempting – to focus on the tactical elements.  Often, though, companies struggle with the earliest fundamental question that drives marketing – a message that’s compelling and differentiated.   

Getting beyond “me-too” messaging requires a process that identifies a company’s three core messaging platforms: 

  • What are your “only” messages, those Best in the World themes that apply only to you and your products?
  • What are your “trigger” messages?  What triggers a prospect to buy?
  • What are your “switch” messages that persuade a prospect to switch from a competitor to you?

GGC works with clients to define their total Message Architecture, using customer interviews, executive workshops and market research to build a differentiated platform around their only/trigger/switch themes. 

Creating a compelling message brings both brand awareness and preference.  It is indeed hard work. But it doesn’t have to be out of reach.