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Content Generation

Public Relations – Afterthought or Core Strategy for Building Thought Leadership 

The challenge in marketing is crossing from brand awareness to true brand preference. As a public relations agency, we know that credibility is the way to bridge the gap.  

Public Relations is about content and earned media that connect with what your customers want—tutorial information that teaches them how to do their jobs better. Not fluffy. Not promotional. Content that drives the brand forward to a position of unassailable leadership.  

The reason we can place 75 articles a year is because we tell stories that readers value, and because of the deep B2B editor relationships that we’ve built during our thirty-plus-year history. In fact, editors call us, looking for stories. 

That’s just the beginning. PR is part of a fully integrated marketing program that includes internal communications support, event planning, trade show relations, and social media. Done right, everything works together to build trusted relationships with your audience. 

Whether it’s writing for trade media or generating PR that drives SEO rankings, we’re expert in using PR to build brands, extend reputations, and turn online media presence into leads.