Goldstein Group Communications

Content Generation

Technical Writing- Content You Don’t Have to Re-Write 

Technical writing has always been at the core of what we do. Clients say we write at a level that they can’t find elsewhere, and it’s why we have retained some clients for decades.   

While other agencies ask technical clients to write the first draft for them, GGC’s “blank-sheet” writing process allows us to generate accurate, engineer-to-engineer content from a 30-minute interview with your expert. We write about almost anything, including the physics of glass, electronic components, scientific measurements, motion control, wafer fabrication, and circuit protection on variable frequency drives. In fact, we literally wrote the book on semiconductor testing. 

But that’s just the foundation. Our technical writing services elevate content with storytelling and brand voice. Great writing engages and persuades, as some of our award-winning technical content demonstrates. Yes, we might correct your equation, but we always remember that the goal is to deliver thought leadership that attracts and converts.