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Website Development – Building Websites That Drive Your Sales and Marketing Machine

Website development is more than a jumble of buzzwords and pieced-together generic bits of code. To work effectively, your website doesn’t just have to be well-designed. It also needs to perform well if it is to function as a marketing engine.  

At GGC we’re spending as much time on the back-end foundation of a site as others do on the front-end appearance. We put effort into properly coding a site so it has fast load times, is easy to manage and update, and is difficult to break.  

Our development strategy adheres to predetermined production schedules and maintains a philosophy of avoiding bloated, locked-out systems in favor of open source tools that are tailored to be easily maintained by any developer or client. 

At GGC, we recognize that web process development is a highly detailed, structured and complex process that involves so much more than building a “pretty” home page or design.  Rather, it calls for cutting-edge techniques, proper code development, and even built-in SEO upon launch, a step many web design firms tend to overlook.